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Hello Climbing Community

Because this is an intro blog post, you may be curious about who this person is, gym rat? gumby? pebble wrester? comp kid? sport climber? Well I’m going to tell you I am a boulderer, but it doesn’t matter because this blog is not about training or boring send stories about some lowball chosspile that nobody knows or cares about anyway.  This blog is about my 2 cents on really anything, but mostly encounters I see at the boulderfield, maybe ethics, videos you all have seen if you give two shits about climbing, etc.


Let’s start off by saying that I am truly excited to see people trying hard regardless of skill level, but honestly some people (mainly chuffers) need to get hit in the throat with a hammer.  These are the people that walk up to your project chalkless and massage the hold, saying “woah this is really bad…” hoping further carressing will somehow make it a jug so they can hold it.  Now because I pretend to be nice to these people, I refrain from saying, ” no shit it’s bad, that’s why I just brushed it for 3 minutes and havn’t sent yet!”  This person, intrigued that maybe it is a bucket in sequence, gets on the climb (after apparently running through a mud pit) and “attempts” the move. I put attempts in quotations because he doesn’t actually think he can stick the move, he just wants to know how quickly and hard the boulder will bend him over.

Moral of the Story: DON’T BE THAT GUY!


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